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Indian trade associations

A comprehensive list of trade bodies, institutes, trade associations and regulatory organisations for the building, heating, plumbing, electrical industries in Indian.

Governing and qualifying organisations

National Buildings Construction Corporation LTD - NBCC is one of the few public sector companies engaged in the business of (i) project management consultancy services for civil construction projects ("PMC") (ii) civil infrastructure for power sector and (iii) real estate development. NBCC is headquartered in New Delhi and in addition has 10 regional / zonal offices across India. The projects undertaken by our Company are spread across 23 states and 1 union territory in India. In addition, NBCC has also have also undertaken projects overseas.

Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) - The Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC), has been set up jointly by the Planning Commission, Government of India and the Indian construction industry. They are an umbrella organization for the construction industry in India and have a national presence with branches across the country. Undertaking a wide range of activities to benefit the construction industry - including conducting training at various levels, organizing workshops and conferences, publishing journals and newsletters, welfare programmes for construction workers, grading, placement and so on. The contribution of CIDC to the country's growth has been recognized by various leaders and we are the recipients of the prestigious Golden Peacock National Training Award 2008.

Builders Association of India - Builders' Association of India (BAI) was formed in 1941 in Pune with guidance from Brigadier Jackson, who also allotted office space in the Military Compound. The then office of BAI, aptly named 'Jackson Hut' in his memory, is still being used by BAI. During last more than 70 years since its inception, BAI movement has grown in leaps and bounds and at present has 130 Centres spread over the length and breadth of the Country, with its headquarters at Mumbai. With a direct membership of 13,000 constructors and indirect membership of 50,000 through various regional Associations affiliated to it, BAI by virtue of its size is the only true spokesman for this core industry. It safeguards the interests of the Indian construction industry against unjust government legislations and at the same time promotes adherence to fair government legislations by its members. Its aims and objects speak for themselves.

Land and Development Office - Land and Development Office is responsible for the administration of landed estates of Government of India in Delhi including lease, sale, mortgage, substitution, mutation, etc. There are about 50,500 leases of Government land in Delhi.