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Welcome to KWK electric

KWK electric is a free site, listing the various electrical, plumbing and building trade associations and regulatory bodies in the major English speaking countries iof the world - USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Ireland.

Trades people the world over

The building industry is worth approximatley $200 Billion globally to the English speaking nations. It employs over 1 Million people. As such it has hundreds of organisations to ensure that health safety,

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construction standards and employment laws are enforced. KWK electrical provides a comprehensive list of the trade associations and regulatory bodies governing the building industry in your company.

"A free economy and strong communities honor the dignity of every person, rewarding effort with justice, promoting upward mobility, and building solidarity among citizens. "

Paul Ryan

When things go wrong

We will provide you with the right numbers to call or the websites to goto for help and advice when have a problem with a builder, plumber, electrician or contractor.

The most common problem between the customer and the contractor is a lack of communication. Ther will always be misunderstandings and there is almost always an undue delays. Read more about the typical building problems.

Dispute resolution with your contractor

You always want to avoid the final solution. So just what can you do if you have a dispute with your builder or trade contractors? What happens if you are dissatisfied with the job being done? Read about some dispute resolution techniques.